My Dinner With André

by rap legend Jesse Dangerously



released December 10, 2014


all rights reserved



rap legend Jesse Dangerously Ottawa, Ontario

Genuine Independent Rap Legend (GIRL)

member of Backburner crew

partially culpable for the nerdcore problem

"Sapphire meets Sappho meets Saafir meets Jonathan Saffron Foer;"
"not the Black Frank White, just the white Frank Black;"
"Wiz Khalifa meets Pat Califia;"
"like Buck 65 but faster and fat."
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Track Name: radio edit (no swears)
I crank up lyrical flows! It's truly astounding, now you're hearing the most
Beautiful sound in your life. I'm checking your throat, ears, and your nose
I'm the doctor. Anything goes, playing good cop/bad cop at the station
"You need a bad operation."
An ad hoc committee formed to show me admiration
You brainstormed and it flooded only half the basement
You don't need cash donations? Oh, congratulations...
Well, I do. So !!!! Eminem, and !!!! U2!
Get out my iTunes! I'll see you on the streets at high noon
"You wanna hear a joke? I'm you!"
As rap moves on to the year three thousand


Let me shuffle red mountain mana, black from the booster pack
You tap the casting cost-- "Oops, you lost." Back To The Future, and I
Had to reduce your stamina. Backburner's the rappers & baddest producers in Canada
That's who the dudes is, grandma! I'm Ranma 1/2, yeah
I been quiet a while, but I had my fun last year
I'm knocking you enlightened lamas out of Nirvana like Pat Smear
I'm classier. Past college - no diploma, I'm PAST it!
"The mirror said, 'You are, you conceited bastard!'"
And I hadn't asked it a question, so that was just passive aggression.
I may have made a lasting impression 'cause my face is a mask of classic perfection
Stop for gas and directions to a million worlds
Billion worlds
Katrillion worlds


As studies have shown, appropriator acts are inappropriate
I've watered down the sound... that came from the ghetto
In the middle, the core, I admit it I bit it 'cause the
Next man placed practicum behind it. I find it ironic. Isn't it?
That I been go-onning & getting it? Haunting & visiting all of the monuments?
Pivoting off of the cyni-- aw, I can see you don't want to get into it.
Well, I'm positive. I'm proven. I'm honest and raw when I'm intimate,
But I don't go raw when I'm intimate, 'cause that's a risky business.
Pack a picnic basket - isn't that rich? NO SIR,
Like most of the word pRISON backwards, ha


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