I make this music for
Fifteen children with damaged senses
Broken down social skills and defenses
I demand expensive vacations and adventures
Saving time with a technique that shampoos and conditions
Transmissions via arcane hand positions
I'm like the Pansy Division of the No Limit Army

An eight digit code identifies me as non-partisan
Friendly enough but essentially a solo-artisan
My style is hard, as in extremely difficult to master
I developed it in the Bassment of Critical, the bastard
Son of convention and dissention, a confusing developmental
Proccess, at once inventing and fusing elemental concepts
not buying into it, but renting an illusion, paying dues
To no-one, refused to stay amused and now I play the blues
Rave reviews and critical pans, shaping views, political stance
Ambiguous, brilliance swathed in ignorance
Unseen Sentinel, akin to Will'O'The Wisp yet ever-vigilant
I don't exactly lisp but I have trouble with my sybillants
Asthmatic jazz-addict, hard consonants and pop filters
Influences on my sleeve, yet somewhat off-kilter
Not guilty, the air in this room is hot and filthy
If you're feeling it, then deal with it, if not, then kill me
All silly bugger-ups and zero gravity aside
Analysis determined that your rhyme had to be a lie
Realize, recognition can't touch my total recall
Of events, you're offensive and you're not my vocal equal
Of ALL people, MCs should be attentive and alert and
Never gainsay Jesse Dangerously, that's for certain
You're a picture of health and I'm hurting for a fix
Literate person, Levar Burton lyricist
Impossible like pyramids, incorrigible like children
Futuristic throwback, at once deplorable and brilliant
Adorable chameleon with no fixed abode and
Wearing water wings because the coast is eroding
Holding forth on a variety of matters
Kicking it ambiguous because my ideas are scattered
Confused from the way I've been battered and bruised
Commercial artists seem even sadder in hues of purple
I never meant to edify, I figured that instead if I
Founded a City Of Truth that it would be idiot-proof
The video proves every item in my testimony's legit
Better than veterans, but I guess I'm only a kid
In your opinion. when I'm wack, it's not an accident
Rattle castanets, job one is being passionate
Precise and purposeful, pursue props with perseverance
Sometimes it feels like def delivery's my only prayer for deliverance
Belligerance is second nature, eyedroppers of echinacea
Public Remedy number one is lots of decorations
For the shoppers when they're chasing that elusive self esteem
Brand X, Flavour Flav, Gargamel, Scooby Doo and He-Man
..I'll be seen and heard henceforth
'cause I'll remain behind when the last bird heads north
Enthralled in the art, I won't even know if it's winter yet
I'm so glad I met certain people on the internet
It must have been kismet, 'cause I was a fan to begin with
It's a fantasy, given this chance to be in this man's business
The princess and the pea, is this misanthropy?
I've got the good juice, foot loose and fancy free
Emancipated from a room that's oppressively warm
With my shirt off and underwear suggestively torn
I've been thinking that it might be best if we warned
As many people as we can before we aggressively swarm
The corporate installments in the capital city
I'm sick of this contemporary rap, it's all shitty
And that sentiment brings me to the completion of this steeplechase, so just
Swallow for now, and hear what the people say



all rights reserved



rap legend Jesse Dangerously Ottawa, Ontario

Genuine Independent Rap Legend (GIRL)

member of Backburner crew

partially culpable for the nerdcore problem

"Sapphire meets Sappho meets Saafir meets Jonathan Saffron Foer;"
"not the Black Frank White, just the white Frank Black;"
"Wiz Khalifa meets Pat Califia;"
"like Buck 65 but faster and fat."
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