Verba Volant (You Listen Too Slow) feat. Johnny Hardcore & ginzuintriplicate

from by rap legend Jesse Dangerously

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when I told ginzu we would each have 32 bars - super long verses, justified by the song's extra fast pace - we failed to make sure we were both counting the same.

he was visiting from Osaka, where he'd just moved in 2006 and still lives. jesus he's lived in Osaka for half the time I've known him... that's a shock to realize. we only had a couple hours to write and record his take, and FOR SOME REASON we were getting Beat Mason to come and record him at Audra's house. So ginzu showed up and wrote pretty quickly. Then he and Mason went into the other room to record. It took... a LONG time. A shockingly long time. I didn't want to bother them, it would just slow things down and ginzu's pretty self-conscious, so I stayed out of it. I waited, excited to hear the magic.

By the time they were finished, ginzu had to RUSH to wherever he was going, so I didnt hear anything right away. As he was packing up his gear, Mason mentioned it had been a surprisingly long verse.

I was like well yeah but the song is fast, so.

It wasnt until Kils placed the take over the beat that I discovered the difference in counting. Ginzu had thought of "bars" as COUPLETS - twice as much time as I'd allotted! And THEN some, for some reason the whole thing clocked in at like 72 bars. A weird number.

And I liked ALL of it. That was the hard part. Once we figured out we had to cut it down to fit, I was useless with the pruning. I wanted it all in there, but I didn't want one solid four minute verse in a three-person song!

ginzu told us which parts to keep. we figured it out. i used to think the splice between the two chunks we used was really noticeable, but I can't recall anymore.

Johnny recorded his verse in like one take and it was just the right size.


Johnny Hardcore:
Radio! Cocksuckers never play me!
Want me to dumb it down and club it up and pay a fee
What's up? What the fuck you say to me?
You're like Funkmaster Flex but I know them punks cash them cheques
But so did every other chump before he reached his apex
Hey, let's stop being trendy!
Ain't safe like sex with latex when you offend me
I break necks with chin-checks, correctly
What you expect? I ain't friendly or hating dude
Rip the head off of Satan and I throw it at you
I know you do what you do 'cause you don't know no better
You were dope when thought lesser now you're hot it's like whatever
Used to be a mad rapper, enough! I've had with that matter.
So I'm staying neutral and praying somebody shoots you
(Woo!) ... I didn't mean it how it sounded
But if you disappeared, I wouldn't care if they found shit
You can't break something that's broken you ain't down kid
Like Quake getting caught smoking, I'm grounded
Jesse D, Ginzu and me: a Triple Threat
And between you and me, we ain't simple like the Dipset!
And soon you'll see that I ain't said shit yet
But when I do, my man, you'll respond by raising your hand
I'm taking a stand, writing about it like Stephen King
You're a fan like Stan, but that ain't even the thing
You ain't the Lord of the Rings, you're the Lord of the Flies
Tears seep from your eyes when on the beach I arrive
And you don't drop pro 'cause you're missing the flow
You think we're rocking too fast? I think you listen too slow!
If you're dissing like a ho, don't have to say, "I told you so"
We boldly go where you can't hold me low, homie, so
With no cash I got it going on
I don't even hate on those who hate me, I got Class on

Jesse D:
In a PUMA sweat alphabet, I AMP U UP, MA!
That's corny, sorry, but check my back story
In all my morning glory, I address the adoring hordes
I never met a chick who was too boring for me
Sororities sworn to secrecy swarm to sleep with me
I couldn't scorn them easily if I'd been born as recently
As yesterday. I get away with bullshit in my resumé, then
Step in the indian burial ground with grave reservations
Condescend from a raised elevation
On the mend from a crazed celebration
Dazed and amazed from the ways that I slays fools
Vibrator tongue and a mic made in Playskool
Hey Jude, I'm a make it bad as I can stand it
Stay cool, I'm raising up my status like a bandit
Grab a mic and slam it right 'cause that is my commandment
God dammit, the man is hard as malachite and granite
I had to find a planet that can handle the plan I have in mind
Radical stance to to stand behind, that'll be fine, oh man I'm divine
Capital crime, bind the criminal, I'm the digital mastermind
Bastards whine behind your backs and slash with a cynical ax to grind
I'm a bury the hatchet with the bad shit in the back yard
Gone with the wind and forgotten without a monument or placard
Rap started off as part of the art of forgotten tribes
Fast cars stock a high stack of sarcophagi
Walking by the office, I would often find a spot to hide in
With a hot girl who thought my thoughts and writing were nothing if not exciting
Modern enlightened thought might have got me off the charges brought and tried
If I was not as cute as the prosecutor or quite such an awesome guy
Lost in my philosophizing, it's not surprising I'm also nice and
Rock the mic so flawless, yeah I got some pride
And prejudice. I might have mentioned this type of hype
is my invention, kids, the sensitive fistfight device!

Yo, controlled logic; I'm all ones and zeroes on players
Eat up the ghosts and leave the dots in the mazes
With my ocular lenses and mutant pet centipedes
Effin' amazing describes sixty percent of me
Press out buttons in sequences like vivisection
Suckers get left into pieces... rippin necks oh
Messin' with genetical histories
Change you from humans to simians, chimpanzees, baboons
Don't call it a comeback when I sit in my
Four-cornered room and stab your pictures with thumbtacks
I drink a horrible mixture of rum, Jack Daniels
Superpower: transform into a bum
Backwards in my aluminum Batmobile
Smack the spit out your mouth, manouevre asteroid fields
I ain't maybe, I'm definitely.
Hugh Hefner said he got jealous respect for me
Out of your element like pagans in Mecca be
Best be takin echinacea daily for leprosy
Unh, you pick on girls like Hordak! You fuckin' herb!
I got a two-by-four, my friends are trucker nerds!
Fendin' off the honeys [that] wanna marry me? No, man.
They jump to their deaths for me like the bad guy in Conan!
The monster from Krull, defeated easily
The Last Starfighter, that bastard cheated illegally
Trophies on my wall: bears, lions and minotaurs
The heads of animals, celebrities, dinosaurs
And you can audition to be us
Pull the truth out your mouth like confessions to priestses
When the industry's rigged like presidential elections
We keep it stuck in your throat like Streptococcus infections
Step with a mop and a bucket (WATER!) let's mix it up
I'll take down Optimus Prime with my fisticuffs


from Verba Volant (9th Anniversary), released November 1, 2007
beat by Timbuktu
raps by Jesse D, Johnny Hardcore, and ginzuintriplicate
scratches by Uncle Fester




rap legend Jesse Dangerously Ottawa, Ontario

Genuine Independent Rap Legend (GIRL)

member of Backburner crew

partially culpable for the nerdcore problem

"Sapphire meets Sappho meets Saafir meets Jonathan Saffron Foer;"
"not the Black Frank White, just the white Frank Black;"
"Wiz Khalifa meets Pat Califia;"
"like Buck 65 but faster and fat."
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