Rap Hundred and One

I’m releasing a song for free every month, and you can help me continue to do that if you visit http://patreon.com/rljd – pledge as little as $1 a month to keep these songs coming, and help me make my other albums, and also maybe get some nice stuff for yourself? Check it out!

This song was originally a demo for Peter Project, who was working on a producer album featuring different MCs over beats he was making using strictly vintage hardware samplers from hip-hop’s golden era, which he planned to record entirely to two-inch magnetic tape. A beautiful idea which turned out to be way too much work plus rappers are slow so he only got one song done as planned – “Peter North” which wound up on the Swamp Thing album Planet Murk – before he had to pack up the vintage gear to make room in his studio for a giant vibraphone so he could score Bomb Girls for CTV.

“I score bomb girls like Peter Project” sounds like a Wordburglar line! Except he’s married, so uh never mind.

I recorded this demo not on two-inch tape, but in Cool Edit Pro 2.0 which is more obsolete than vintage, even at the time in 2012. The lyrics were slightly worse and so was the title, and it just sat and uh aged gracefully. Now it’s the flagship of my new series of music that I! Cannot! Wait! To share with you!

You can pre-order a limited edition lathe-cut 7″ single of this song and next month’s song, “Pumpkin Eater,” by subscribing to the “He distinctly said, ‘To lathe'” tier at http://patreon.com/rljd – isn’t that exciting?? Check out what other fun stuff I can mail you! Go on!

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