Rap Legend Jesse Dangerously was born in 1979, within weeks of the release of Rapper’s Delight. Arguably the two most destructive things ever to happen to hip-hop culture.

In 1996, Jesse started making beats and rapping. In 1998, Jesse started releasing tapes and playing live shows. In 2001, Jesse joined a crew called Backburner.

Now Jesse is in a group called The Library Steps (with Ambeez, illGil, and Uncle Fester), and that group has an album called Rap Dad, Real Dad on Hand’Solo Records.

Jesse is also in a duo called Danger Grove (with Lizard Grove) and their album, Want, For Nothing, is on COAX Records.

Who will release Jesse’s next solo record? It’s called I Promised Myself and it took friggin like 13 years to make it so it’s gotta be some good I reckon.

The other thing Jesse does is publish zines and chapbooks with audio companions as Bookburner Press. It started with the lyric book for Humble & Brilliant in 2011, and has been a partner in projects with Jacob Earl, MEROSTOMATA, the Mighty Rhino, Emily Neufeld, and forthcoming releases from DEARTH, Rhube Knox, The Penetrating Gaze, and more!

who’s that G.I.R.L.

who’s that G.I.R.L.

it’s jess