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“Sublimating the Masculine Construct”

You can get a unreleased and never-before-heard and star-studded Jesse D song from one of my forthcoming albums – not that one, t’other one – if you pick up the Friendraiser compilation by Schäffer the Darklord, and support our friends who are wracked with legal fees in protecting themselves from an awful situation. More details at the link!

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Nerdcore Vocalist Producer Challenge, round 5

For the past… god, eighteen weeks? I don’t know anymore! …DangerGrove (me on vocals and Eli Grove on beats) has been taking part in a series of challenges, testing ourselves against other duos. We did a song with a guest on the hook, an adaptation of an existing song, a tribute to a specific fandom, our best attempt at a hit single and radio jingle, and now we’re in the final round.

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