Rap Hundred and Two

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I wrote this song in probably 2007, trying to get inside the head of the person a friend of mine was trying to divorce. I was trying to imagine his logic, how he thought forbidding someone to leave him and trapping them with guilt and threats could lead to reconciliation.

He was just really hurt, I guess. But also really entitled, and petty. Oh… i just realized literally this second it was also a way for me to create artificial distance to write about the almost identical situation I was trying to leave at the same time.  Testing the waters before I could write more frankly about my trauma in “Hot Property” in 2008, or “Synecdoche, Nova Scotia” in 2012.

OK cool over a decade later and I figure out what my own song is really about WHILE writing a promo blurb. Nice.

This was going to be part of Ipso Facto, the third EP in the series that began with Inter Alia and abruptly ended with Verba Volant. The producers involved were Cal and ChanHays (then known as Focus Aside). Four or five other songs from those sessions will surface as future Rap Hundreds!

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