The Tides Is Coming In

Krista Muir, known far and wide as the semi-erstwhile Lederhosen Lucil, is one of my favourite songwriters. Period, full stop.

When I listened to Between Atoms, her 2011 album that dropped just before we went on a sweet little middle-Canadian world tour together, I was seized by the impulse to become part of it, or make part of it part of me. since it was already finished, haha, I sublimated that urge into remixing her haunting coda from “Tired Angels” into one of my most ambitious singles, “Slept Through A Landslide.” I was so glad and fortunate she worked with me on that!

Before Between The Atoms, though, I was captivated by the songs on her prior album, Accidental Railway. She uses her voice so many different ways, sometimes soft and high, sometimes knife-bright, sometimes low and rich and round. And through it all she arpeggiates and strums her staunch and looming baritone ukulele, underpinning her stirring and unflinching lyrics. it’s just beautiful.

I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to this new album, The Tides, which was wrestled into being beset by the trials of debilitating endometriosis, but also I think because of them in part. You can partially preview and pre-order that album by clicking the Bandcamp link below.

I can’t tell you either how much I’m looking forward to seeing her perform in Ottawa on Sunday, December 10th, at Pressed on Gladstone.

I can’t tell you but I’ll give you a hint


a LOT.

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