Game the System

I have 1700 followers on the live show tracking website bandsintown. It’s kind of surprising! And it’s really close to how many I need to take advantage of their shortcut to becoming a Twitch affiliate, which I think I would like to be.

I don’t expect to play a live show any time soon. I mean, if I don’t have to cancel my May 16th gig in Toronto, that’d be a miracle, but let’s be real… it’s probably not going to happen.

I do have the gear to make a pretty sweet, if somewhat ramshackle, livestream performance happen from the basement. And it feels like Twitch might be one of the most convenient places to share that?

So I would be very grateful if you would click the “Track to get concert and tour updates” link in the widget below. And probably also follow me on Twitch. But the main thing right now is that if I can get just 300 more people tracking me on bandsintown, get to go straight to affiliate. And that is apparently good.

Seems like I’m always very grateful these days. I’m downright weary of it. OK love you.

New album announcement!

Danger Grove is Jesse Dangerously and Lizard Grove.


We did some remixes, we won a competition, we made a record, and COAX Records will be releasing it in body and soul on Jesse’s 39th birthday, October 19th of this year.

We’ll let you know as soon as there’s a pre-order!  This is going to be a big one.  CD, vinyl, cassette, the works.  You’ll see it in stores, you’ll see it on tours.

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Rap Hundred and Two

I’m releasing a song for free every month, and you can help me continue to do that if you visit – pledge as little as $1 a month to keep these songs coming, and help me make my other albums, and also maybe get some nice stuff for yourself? Check it out!


I wrote this song in probably 2007, trying to get inside the head of the person a friend of mine was trying to divorce. I was trying to imagine his logic, how he thought forbidding someone to leave him and trapping them with guilt and threats could lead to reconciliation.

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My Personal Mentaur

Today is Rich Terfry‘s birthday. Buck 65 .
The Has, the Slam; the Boss, the Man.

I posted a quick note about it on Twitter, and a long distance rap friend replied a bit scornfully with “why do you still idolize this guy?”

And it was a nice opportunity to reflect – why do I?

Here’s what i told him:

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“Sublimating the Masculine Construct”

You can get a unreleased and never-before-heard and star-studded Jesse D song from one of my forthcoming albums – not that one, t’other one – if you pick up the Friendraiser compilation by Schäffer the Darklord, and support our friends who are wracked with legal fees in protecting themselves from an awful situation. More details at the link!

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Nerdcore Vocalist Producer Challenge, round 5

For the past… god, eighteen weeks? I don’t know anymore! …DangerGrove (me on vocals and Eli Grove on beats) has been taking part in a series of challenges, testing ourselves against other duos. We did a song with a guest on the hook, an adaptation of an existing song, a tribute to a specific fandom, our best attempt at a hit single and radio jingle, and now we’re in the final round.

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