New album announcement!

Danger Grove is Jesse Dangerously and Lizard Grove. We did some remixes, we won a competition, we made a record, and COAX Records will be releasing it in body and soul on Jesse's 39th birthday, October 19th of this year. We'll let you know as soon as there's a pre-order!  This is going to be a big one.  CD, vinyl, cassette, the works.  You'll see it in stores, you'll see it on tours.

My Personal Mentaur

Today is Rich Terfry's birthday. Buck 65 . The Has, the Slam; the Boss, the Man. I posted a quick note about it on Twitter, and a long distance rap friend replied a bit scornfully with "why do you still idolize this guy?" And it was a nice opportunity to reflect - why do I? Here's what i told him...

Nerdcore Vocalist Producer Challenge, round 5

For the past... god, eighteen weeks? I don’t know anymore! ...DangerGrove (me on vocals and Eli Grove on beats) has been taking part in a series of challenges, testing ourselves against other duos. We did a song with a guest on the hook, an adaptation of an existing song, a tribute to a specific fandom, … Continue reading Nerdcore Vocalist Producer Challenge, round 5