The Library Steps, “Rap Dad, Real Dad”



The mattress is dusty samples all chopped up with punchy drums. The blankets are intricately woven lyrics that speak gently but urgently of loss, muffled trauma, being dope, and moving on with compassion & dignity. The pillow is that Jesse and Joey have been friends since the Roc era, ever since they used to freestyle with their friends on the Halifax Memorial Library steps in K’jipuktuk. Curled up in all that is you, and this music is your agitated dreams.


released March 30, 2018

all beats programmed on hardware by Ambition
every song has rapping on it by Jesse Dangerously
“Home Team” has rapping on it by Ambition
vocalists all appear courtesy of theirselfs and wrote their own things to say
upright bass on “To Friend Too Fortunate” and “Translucence” by Klopfenpop
glockenspiel on “To Friend Too Fortunate” and Yamaha CS-01 on “Lush Karma” by jesse dangerously
saxophone on “Nothin Fri3ndly” by Emmanuel Kwame Aouad
scratched by Bad DJ Budget Cuts
voice samples by jesse and ambezee
cover collage and lettering by James Kirkpatrick
mixed by Tim Wallace at Fun
mastered by Dorc at Banging Masters


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